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As a senior organizational development professional, strategic advisor, and executive coach, I sometimes find myself in need of an extra pair of hands or eyes. That’s where my professional virtual assistant, Faye White of CGVA, jumps in. 

Faye is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Her work is very detailed and accurate, and she returns a high-quality product in a timely matter at a reasonable cost…she is my go-to person. 

I can count on her to get things done for me when I’m under pressure, knowing that the documents will be prepared without hesitation.  Faye always makes herself available to assist me, and is proactive in suggesting how she can help free up my time. 

I have highly recommended Faye to many of my colleagues and friends.  If you’re looking for that special person to assist you in growing your business, I encourage you to contact Faye.”

Wilma J. Slenders, Ph.D.

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